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As we observe, many computer courses places in Surabaya even everywhere, but the way their systems and scheduling does not suitable with the wishes of students. Base on that, we open the Computer Course in Surabaya which very different from any institutions – institutions existing course. We have a flexible schedule, course schedules with time to spare (available time) from our students so, it will be not to interfere with their daily activities. While in that free time, it’s your chance to learn alongside with our tutor to attend computer courses here.

Nowadays you can’t operate a computer and Internet? What does the world gonna say? It’s now, the right time for you to signed up for lessons and Computer Training with Creative Media


kursus komputer surabaya

Mastering Public Computer & Internet is very important and necessary in most of our everyday life because, the current technology is growing rapidly. With the current of development of technology, now computer courses in Surabaya are widespread among the young and elderly. For that face of the global competition at the stage of information and technology, mastery and development of computer science is required. In order to meet that needs, we open computer courses in Surabaya and affordable prices with best lesson.

affordable,Saving and Compete


By following the Internet and General Computer course in Creative Media students will be able to understand the basic concepts of computer, How to assemble a computer, Installation Operating System, Configuring Windows Operating System, Configuration Contorol Panel, Task Manager, Services, Regedit and overcome Troubleshooting Computer as well as the use of software and hardware in general. In this Surabaya Computer Courses you can learn from the most Basic to Advanced (advanced level).

kursus komputer surabaya

This Computer Course of Internet and General Computer study of field, the lesson will be on:

  • Hardware and software introduction
  • Right way to step by step for assemble computer.
  • Windows operating system & Setting Bios
  • Operation system & User interface introduction
  • Management and Basic Configuration of Operation system.
  • File and Document Management
  • Software Management (Install and Uninstall)
  •  Control Panel Configuration
  • Microsoft Office Word Basic.
  • Microsoft Office Word Powerpoint Basic
  • Microsoft Office Excel Basic
  • Using of Internet and Website
  • Email Management of Yahoo and Gmail
  • Custom lesson base on what student needs.

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