Web Programming

 Web programming course from basic to advanced.

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Programming language which you will learn in this Web Programming here, include HTML, PHP, MySQL (database), CSS, Javascript, Framework and Jquery. You will learn basic HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS and Jquery programming language, then after finish this web programming course, you will able to use programming which you already learn on making a Dynamic Professional Website.

If you’re a beginner which never ever know about coding/ programming language, our tutor will guide you untill YOU CAN do it on your own. All of it is based in order to achieve our vision and mission, one of them is “Educating the younger generation of Indonesia, to become a great generation and Global competitive so that it can work Independent and Creative”.

pemrograman web

“ Tutored by expert Web Programming Practitioner and Lecturer consists of professionals in the field

If you are a beginner, learning course Web Programming, you will be introduced Introduction to PHP programming language, structure of PHP, variables, data types and constants, Submit form (POST / GET), Arithmetic Operators, Operator assignment, comparison operators, Logical operators, Using variable array, condition (IF, ELSE, SWITCH), Repetition (fOR, WHILE, foreach), Make function, Know MySQL, Create a database, Creating a database table, SQL commands, database connection with PHP, Submit the form to the database, showing the data from the database , upload to hosting.

“ So you do not have to worry about , SURE YOU CAN DO!

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But if you’ve mastered the basic techniques in making Web Standard, the tutor will teach you about PHP & MySQL Professional level. Knowing and using HTML tags, Creating static HTML web document, the Management Table, Bullet and numbering, use of links, Application Color. The use of property-advanced CSS properties, JavaScript advanced. Dalan PHP OOP concepts advanced, MySQL Database Configuration, Identification SQL commands in MySQL for advanced, HTML: iframe, JavaScript, event driven (on Change, on Submit, functions), document object. MySQL: DDL, DML, DCL in SQL. PHP: OOP, File System, Regular Expresion, XML, usage and application of CSS, usage and application of Jquery.

After join this Advanced Level Web Programming, you’ll able to make Company Porfile Website, Web Application and E-Commerce (Lazada.co.id, Tokopedia.com,etc) which is complex and dynamic.

pemrograman web

“ Handed it to the specialists / experts, All of your issues about Web Programming will be answered “

“Flexible schedule, anytime at morning-afternoon or night ”