Overview of Creative Media

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"On the average 30 until 50 people has been registered every month for join professional computer course and training at Creative Media"

Our students come from various counties, cities, islands and neighboring countries

On the average 30 until 50 people has been registered every month for join course and training at Creative Media. They’re come from any background, from Highschool Student, College Student, Company Staff, PNS, Bank Staff, Company Owner, Entrepreneur, E-commerce. They’re from come from any city and place at Indonesia and other Country.

All of it was based as they know, that we are the best choice for developing soft skills through non-formal education. They came all the way from outside the island and abroad to study Graphic Design, Web Designer, Programming Web, Programming Mobile Android, Programming Mobile iOS, Videograhy, 3D Design Interior, Office Administration, Computer Accounting, Website Design CMS, and Photography at Creative Media.

know it, what make us different than any other Computer Course and Training Place generally

Our Teacher and Intructor are practitioner reliable and already experienced in their field who have been through various stages of strict selection in the Company. In learning Computer Training Courses and we have three classes namely Regular Class, Professional Class and Executive Class.

~ 3 Options classes, Fit Your Needs ~

Regular Class

  • Free Registration Fee
  • Certificate
  • 4-7 student in a group for the class
  • Lesson will be based on Creative Media  syllabus
  • Schedule from Creative Media
  • Limited quota
  • Consultation while in the class

Professional Class

  • Free Registration Fee
  • Certificate
  • Private class system (1 teacher for 1 student)
  • Lesson will be based on Creative Media  syllabus
  • Flexible schedule (base on agreement)
  • 2 level class (Basic & Advianced)
  • Anytime for class start
  •  Suit for student/worker
  • 2 months maximun class reached
  • Guarantee untill the student expert
  • Lifetime free consultation

Executive Class

  • Free registration fee
  • Certificate
  • Private/training system
  • Custom (lesson will based on what student/company need)
  • Flexible schedule (base on agreement)
  • 2 level class (Basic & Advanced)
  • Anytime for class start
  • Suit for Entepreneur or Company
  • 2 months maximun class reached
  • Guarantee 100% money back if the lesson is not in accordance with the of participants / companies wishes.
  • The more participants the cost is getting cheaper
  • Lifetime free consultation

We have 14 field of study for you. Choose one from it base on what you need

Choose a field of study in accordance with your needs

General Computers & Internet

tips aman berinternet

It is suitable for those who do not understand the computer management from the operating system, software and computer hardware as well as the understanding and role of the Internet era of global …

Website Blog

Kursus Web Blog di Surabaya 11

Website Blog is perfect for those who want to create a website for free without having to buy a domain and hosting, a wide selection of themes according to the needs …

Office administration

Kursus Administrasi Perkantoran 03

Studying science Administration frequently used in enterprise and industry, understanding and application of Microsoft Office (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint) …

Accounting computer

Kursus Komputer Akuntansi, Akuntansi MYOB, Les Akuntansi, Kursus Akuntansi Surabaya, Les Akutansi Surabaya

It is suitable for those who still do not understand the computer management ranging from software and hardware as well as the understanding and role of the Internet era …

CMS Website Design

cara membuat website

In field studies CMS Website Design is designed for those who want to know how to make a website (online store, E-Commerce, Company profile, portfolio site …

Graphic design

kursus desain grafis, kursus website surabaya, les website surabaya, privat programming android, les programming android, kursus programming web

As we know that the much-needed scientific Graphic Design in the Age of Global as at present, 99% promo visually using the techniques of science Graphic Design …

Multimedia Video Editing

Kursus Editing Video di Surabaya, Belajar Editing Video bagi Pemula Les Privat Editing Video di Surabaya, Kursus Online Editing Video Multimedia

Field of study Multimedia Video Editing Course is suitable for those who want to develop skills in the process of making or processing Editing …

Web Programming

Pemrograman Web

The programming language you will learn in the field of Web Programming study here that include HTML, PHP, MySQL (database), CSS, Java Script, Framework and …

Java Android Programing

Kursus Pemrograman Java Android, Les Privat Java Android, Kursus Pr ivat Pemrograman Java Android, Belajar Pemrograman Java Android

This field of study is very suitable for those who want to create Android applications and uploaded to Google Play, the app used is Android Studio with language …

Mobile IOS Programing

Kursus Pemrograman Mobile IOS, Les Pemrograman Mobile IOS, Training Mobile IOS, Kursus IOS Surabaya, Les IOS Surabaya

We as Developers Android and iOS mobile apps an opportunity for those who want to learn in the manufacture of mobile applications to suit your needs …

3D Interior Design

kursus desain interior di surabaya, les privat desain interior, kursus privat interior di surabaya, kursus desain rumah di surabaya, kursus privat desain interior rumah, les privat desain interior rumah, kursus 3DsMax interior, les exterior rumah, les privat desain 3D visual, kursus privat desian interior 3D, Kursus Autocad di surabaya, les interior di surabaya murah, les autocad di surabaya murah

Areas of study Interior Design is a field of study that is based on combining scientific knowledge and Interior Design Interior Design or most popular …


Belajar Fotografi Surabaya 01

Professional Photography Course with complete service and is the dream of all the students who want to study in Professional Photography. It will all be missed …

Creative Media help, explore and develop Your skills, we will GUARANTEE Until CAN

The real proof that we can be proud of all our students is satisfaction with the service,
learning system materials and experiences that we share to all our students.

Look for a course? Creative Media is the right choice for your course needs!

Are you the one of the students candidate who will be joined in this month? It’s the Time for You To Join and Success with Creative Media. We are a small team that has ambitions and a great goal, to educate generations of Indonesian nation to learn creative and innovative in the field of Design & Technology Information.

In order to achieve the goal and development, we are committed to do that, with recruit Professional Instructor which have high integrity. If you are Professionals that we’re looking for, please register by sending your CV and Portfolio to our email: