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Office Administration Course In Surabaya

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Office administration course in Surabaya

Office Administration course program is perfect for you who just graduate from high school, Teachers,Company Staff, Civil Servants (PNS), Online Businessman,etc. Especially those that want to learn more in the software used in the activities of Administration in the Company. The course focuses on the mastering of Office Administration Software Microsoft Office (Ms Excel, Ms Word, Ms Power Point and Outlook). Administrative staff is needed in order to help the manage of company and process also data management in the company, making it more effective and efficient.

administrasi perkantoran

” We provide teacher from practitioners and professional which an expert in their field

On learning of this Office Administration course you will be taught how to master Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013) from Level Basic to Advanced level. In the Administration course, you will be taught how data management, headers and footers, security documents, watermarks, correspondence, drafting a proposal, the configuration of tables and diagrams, the use of formulas in excel, pivot tables, sub-total, table of contents, index automatically , made the presentation interesting and powerful, the use of animation as well as automatic, etc. You can also submit lesson that is custom (match the needs of the students), so that what is desired by the students can be answered properly.

 kursus administrasi perkantoran

Office Administration Staff is very needed by Company and Industrial for manage systematic data

All Office Administration course lesson are refers to the case studies that often appear in the company in general, so that after passing this Course Office Administration students are able and ready to compete in the world by Global Industry. Mastering software / applications in the field of study Administrative Course, we teach them:

  • Microsoft word handling
  • Microsoft excel handling
  • Microsoft powerpoint handling
  •  Email configuration (microsoft outlook)

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