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As we know that the scholarly Graphic Design is needed in the Global Era as at present, 99% promo visually using the techniques of science Graphic Design. For that unmistakably become a field of study Graphic Design is the field of study in the year 2016. Grab Students and course participants in this field of study come from a variety of backgrounds and professions, ranging from high school graduates / K, Students, Employees of Private, Business Owner to circles Doctor. Now is the time for your turn to learn graphic design with us. To level the field of study, we have two levels, namely the level of Basic and Advanced level.

Tips and tricks on Graphic Design study as a designer in creating a work of communication visual that is interesting, of course will be explain well if you studied Graphic Design with us. So for those of you who want to study Graphic Design briefly with a flexible schedule, we are smart and right solutions for Your Graphic Design. What will be taught In this field of study is “How to design correctly?” As well as the direction and purpose of visual works that we make to be accepted by the Client / Company. By Interesting, Informative and Creative design, will be able to speak in conveying messages in Visual. Therefore, for those who want to learn graphic design, it’s time for you to joined us, to uncover the secret behind Graphic Design.

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Arts in Graphic Design includes cognitive ability and visual skills, including Typography, Illustration, Photography, Image Processing and layouting

The learning method we use is very different from the existing course institutions in general, we guide students by way of 100% Practice not based on modules, so that students are able to brainstorm ideas and concepts in accordance with desired. The material taught in the practice of studying Graphic Design include: Logo, Illustrator / vector, corporate identity systems, layouting, brochures, flyers, digital imaging, and others. In the course of Graphic Design students can apply custom materials in accordance with the desired (adapts to the needs of students).

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“No need for College to get Advanced on Graphic Design, it’s only took a short time for you could be a Graphic Designer”

In this field of study, the learning method will be packed professionally and fun as it will be tutored by practitioners who are experienced Graphic Designer. If you want a course in Graphic Design, we will happily guided until you are able to create a visual masterpiece that can be received by the Client. You do not need to spend a lot of time sitting in college, that takes a long time and the cost is relatively expensive just to study Graphic Design. Please contact us or come to the office to consult your needs

Examples of the work of graphic Design Courses, Click Here

Graphic Design Course Learning include:

  • Adobe Photoshop Mastering (bitmap)
  •  CorelDraw Mastering (vector)
  • Adobe Illustrator Mastering (vector)
  • Guarantee until mastering it

Belajar Desain Grafis, Kursus Desain Grafis, Les Desain Grafis Privat, Les Privat Desain Grafis Surabaya

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