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Accounting Computer Course & Training In Surabaya

Kursus Komputer Akuntansi, Akuntansi MYOB, Les Akuntansi, Kursus Akuntansi Surabaya, Les Akutansi Surabaya

In field of study Program Accounting Computer ,we offer to those who want to learn the lessons of Accounting to learn accounting software (MYOB Accounting, Zahir, Accurate Accounting Accounting or Excel). Many course place provide a field of study or MYOB accounting computer as a learning material, but it’s just the Basic of it so not in accordance with what we expect. It will waste time and money in vain. To meet the needs of it, Creative Media comes to the field of study Financial Accounting Computer Professionals which consists of two classes. The Professional Class and Executive Class. To know the difference between the Professional Class and Executive Class, you can learn the difference each class, you can check it on the About Us page.

Creative Media comes to give you right and smart solution for develop your softskill on Accounting Computer with Non Formal Education”


Kursus Komputer Akuntansi, Akuntansi MYOB, Les Akuntansi, Kursus Akuntansi Surabaya, Les Akutansi Surabaya

Our lesson learning is 100% PRACTICE and the lesson can be custom (adjust to the needs of students) as well as a very flexible schedule (morning – afternoon – night). In Computer Learning MYOB Accounting, you will be guided by our tutors which are practitioners, who are experienced in the field of Accounting. So you can learn from the beginner level to professional level and guided by a practitioner or MYOB Specalist who have experience applying MYOB software to large corporations so the material that you get will be matched to your needs and company.

“More than 50 students and 5 Companies has been registered here in every month”


More than 50 students for each month signed up to join us, develop soft skills to face global competition. Are you a candidate for our students for this month? Then the  answer we leave it to you, because we know that you will choose the best course institutions to develop your soft skills. Aside from the society, more than 5 companies each month send their staff or their employees to join and learn with us. For more information about the lesson and syllabus, you can consult it with come to our office.